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chris-padronChris Padron – General Producer:  “We are living proof of art in today’s world. Our passion and innovation drive us to be successful. We do what we do because we love it and are driven to impact the industry of Film and Video production in any shape or form that positively impacts our viewers and community alike.  Our knowledge and creative capabilities are endless to our own desires. We dream, see, and live our passion. When audiences view our work, there is an instant connection with our passion, and when viewers and clients smile, our mission is complete!” Chris Padron – General Producer ”

Layout to successful project -

Every company and individual work in different ways, at CP we design and plan our clients platform in a unique way that starts from the ground up, but keeping in mind our client’s need. Providing a professional, qualitative, and efficient production is our number one goal while staying completely dedicated to our client.


CreCreative-planningative planning












Post-ProductionPost Production




Marketing/Artistic DesignMarketing-Artistic-Design




Product-LunchProduct Launch




Wedding / Special Events

Wedding, Graduations, Birthday parties, and 15’s celebrations are all special moments in someone’s life. With our cinematic style and storytelling you will relive every moment as it were just yesterday. We offer these packages to start capturing that special moment that you treasure most. With our different packages everyone has the opportunity to re-experience those happy and unforgettable moments that made you laugh, cheer, scream, or cry over and over again.


  • Full HD Camera
  • Professional Lighting
  • Wire and Wireless audio system
  • Personalized DVD Menu
  • Creative Slide show of photo
  • Wedding Highlight Video
  • Professional Cover Art


  • 5-6 Coverage
  • Special highlights
  • 1 HD Camera
  • 2 DVD
  • DVD Menu and Cover
  • Web Upload


  • 6-8 Coverage
  • Special highlights
  • 2 HD Camera
  • Lighting Design
  • Rehearsal partipations
  • Guest Commentaries
  • DVD Menu and Cover
  • 4-5 DVDs
  • Web load


  • Special event highlights/Making of the Event
  • 3 HD Camera
  • Lighting Design/and Special effects
  • Rehearsal participations
  • Guest Commentaries
  • Slide Show of photo
  • Music Video
  • DVD Menu and Art Cover
  • 10 DVDS
  • Web load

Further information or questions? Please contact us, we will be happy to answer any of your needs.